Wineforces is a young wine company created in 2009 by wine professionals based in France.

Its aim is to create new international and innovative brands in the wine sector to respond better to an increasing international wine consumer demand.

Since 2009 several wine brands have been launched, the most known one being most certainly the  : www.tussockjumperwines one which has now reached total sales of  4.000.000 bottles of wine and is sold currently in more than 30 countries.

One of the things were Wineforces acts different in this world of wine dominated by tradition and terroir is that it doesn’t own land.

Wineforces sources its brands from an international network of preselected winegrowers and winecompanies it has created in the past 5 years.

By doing so it allows Wineforces to offer winebrands with excellent value for money.